Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! It’s July!! Well half way through July. We’re past the “omg it’s already July stage”, but don’t worry we’ll be on the “omg it’s August” stage in no time! With it being already being the middle of month, it’s time to share my Ipsy bag subscription! This is my second month with Ipsy and being IMG_8380completely honest, I wasn’t all that thrilled with the June bag and wasn’t really looking forward to the July bag. OH BOY WAS I WRONG! The July bag is awesome! Save to say i’ve used every product this month and 3 have become an everyday staple. So enough rambling i’m just going to jump right into the products!

Before actually getting into the products, can we just take a second to droll over the makeup bag. It’s so adorable like guys it’s an egg! This month I only had two goals. First goal was to get up IMG_8382earlier and make the most of my day. The second goal was to take more time to myself. I am taking 3 classes, working full time, and making YouTube videos. So i’m a pretty busy woman and this month’s bag is all about taking the time to yourself to relax and sleep. Which I can proudly say i’ve been doing all day. Right now I am in a messy bun, oversized sweater and leggings, which is a rare sight for me because i’m always on the go. So today is all about catching up on work cuddled up with a warm tea in my cozy bed. I’m getting off topic- the bag is cute! Okay moving on.

The first product I pulled out of the bag is this Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzerIMG_8383 in the shade “park ave princess”. I was so happy and shocked that a Tarte product would appear in my bag! I have been researching this bronzer and having my eye on it ever since it came out! So i’m just over the moon happy that I get to try it out before I go make the full sized purchase. The packaging is adorable with a nice snake like print on the front. It sucks there isn’t an attached mirror but it’s a travel sized product so we can’t get too greedy.  The formula is so smooth and has that perfect dewy shine on the face. Overall so happy about this product! It’s made it’s way into the everyday makeup bag!

Second product is the Ginger + Gold Illuminating Peach-Gold Blush by Seraphine

IMG_8385botanicals. I’ve never heard of this brand before and was a little skeptical of the blush part of it because it does have some shimmer to it. But oh my goodness when I applied it to the face it just made everything come together. It wasn’t as harsh as I thought it was going to be, it was that perfect amout of shimmer to highlight my cheekbones. I wore this the other day when I w


ent out for patio drinks with my girlfriends and I got complements on my dewy makeup look. I paired this with the Tarte bronzer (see above), and the Becca Opal highlight. Also not bad to mention that it’s vegan, gluten-free, andGMO-free, so feel free to take a bite it’s healthy! (I’m totally joking, please don’t eat this).


Third product I was so confused about. I opened the top to a brush and couldn’t figure out what to do with it…until I realized the bottom part came off. It’s the IMG_8400Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream. The top part is the brush which comes apart to dip into the taupe cream at the bottom of the tube. It’s very pigmented so be careful when applying this, you only need one dip of the brush to do both brows! It’s very nice in application and has a beautiful natural finish on the brows! It’s a great staple to an everyday no makeup/makeup look!

Fourth product I honestly had no idea what it was (again till I figured out how to open it). It’s the treStique mini concealer crayon in the shade Porcelain. IMG_8392Now this shade is a bit light for me because i’m covered head to toe in fake tan but it works well as a nice brightener. I use my regular concealer under my eyes and over some imperfections and then I apply this concealer on my forehead and nose. It works wonders! It blends nicely with a brush (which I love because some concealer’s suck at that) and really brightens my face. I’m excited to use this product in the Winter when my face is the same shade as a piece of paper.

Finally, the best product to ever enter my skin care drawer is the Puretem Purevera Emulsion.IMG_8396 First of all the smell is amazing! It’s very calming and soothes my skin. I apply this after I wash and tone my face. It’s an aloe infused moisturizer to calm dry and irritated skin. Now it’s summer time and my face isn’t all dry but after putting this on I didn’t realized how dry my skin really was! My skin especially around my nose and under my eyes feel so soft now and it has to be this cream! I haven’t changed anything in my skin routine except adding this in as my final step. I’m so happy about this cream and can’t wait to use this in the winter when my face is 10X drier.

Overall, I am so happy this month! I was so bummed about June’s bag as I only got 1 product that I tolerated, all the other products just didn’t work on my skin or weren’t my right shade. However they really stepped up this month and I am happy to say i’m in love with every product I received this month! If you guys have July Ipsy bag, comment down below if you received any of the same products or different ones! I’ve love to hear to your thoughts! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂



Stay the beautiful you!




Top 5 Beauty Products!

Hey everyone, hope you had a wonderful week! I wanted to talk about my all time favourite beauty products that I couldn’t live without! These products are amazing and make my life so gosh darn easy! First i’m going to mention my ride or die Laura Mercier translucent setting powder! HOLY MOLY this changed my life! My concealer actually sits and stays oimg_2816n my face all day, and it even helps with shine! I haven’t tried a lot of setting powders but I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to put this aside to try something else out. It doesn’t keep your face white in flash photos or leave any product on your face if brushed out properly. I bought the travel size from Sephora back in May 2016 and i’ve got a ton of product left! The travel size is $28 CAN and the full size is $47 CAN. Ah it’s just an amazing product, and if I could only suggest one of these 5 products, it would for sure be this one!

Next is my recently purchased Mario Badescu facial spray. It smells amazing, its so hydrating, and it makes my skin so soft and fresh. I spray it on my face when I wake up, I spray it on after applying a primer, and I also spray it throughout the day to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated! So amazing and so affordable! I purchased mine from Urban Outfitters for $9 CAN. Just a lovely product that brightens my complexion and keeps me feeling fresh all day long. Did I mention that it’s hydrating??

My third product is the L’Oreal Lipstick in the colour 800 Fairest Nude. This product is honestly the perfect nude! It brightens and defines the lips while still being subtle! It doesn’t dry out the lips or crack in any bits. Very nourishing and calm. I keep it in my purse for when i’m looking a little dull and does the trick every time! I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart for $7.99.

Fourth product is the Maybelline Brow Precise eyebrow pencil. This stuff is amazing. I am in the shade blonde. It just makes fixing your eyebrows that much easier! It is so fast and simple to use it is my go to eye brow pencil. Very pigmented and the applicator is just perfect! A little pricy for a drugstore eyebrow pencil. I bought mine from Shoppers Drug Mart for $13.99 CAN. I’ve seen it on sale for $9.99 and even at Walmart for $11.99. Just keep your eye out for a sale!

img_2818And finally my fifth product is the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in the shade brown. I love love love this product! I prefer to have my mascara a bit dried out just because I feel I have more control, but this product is amazing. From the first day I applied it to this morning when I put it on…nothing has changed. No clumps! No fall off! No sweat! I use this product when I am going for a “no makeup” look or if i’m hitting the town. It is so build-able that it works wonders! I especially love the curved brush version, it just gives my lashes the perfect length for that natural look. Will continue to purchase and recommend! This product is around $10-13CAN again depends on the sale day!

If you had to pick 5 beauty products that are your absolute favourite, or even just one product that stands out for you! Comment them down below if you’d like. Thank you all for reading and hope you have a wonderful week! xoxoxo

Storing my Makeup!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to share with you all how I store my makeup. I don’t want to be spending $25-50 on makeup storage containers with holes to store my individual lipsticks (however, very pretty to look it…it’s a bit expensive). So I put together some things i’ve found or purchased from the Dollar Store to make my desk a little less messy.


I’ll first start with my main makeup products. This includes, the boxed makeup like powders, bronzers, blush, etc., along with the makeup in tubes like, mascaras, liquid lipsticks, concealers, etc. To store these, I just use a stationary container that I got from the Dollar Store. The drawers are kept organized and my desk just looks more clean and put together. On top of the drawers I took apart the clear fold down lid and put my lipsticks, hair clip, hair ties, and eyebrow/eyeliner pencils.


Beside my makeup drawers I have two cups that hold my makeup brushes. The one on the left is actually the packaging from an Indigo candle I purchased. I loved the design and I thought it was too nice to throw away. On the right is a pencil cup from the dollar store. I kind of have them sorted by brand of brush but when i’m in a rush I just throw them in which ever cup. Another alternative to holding your makeup brushes is a nice coffee/tea mug! I used to do this with a LifeIsGood “Smile” mug and it worked perfectly! Also was a cute little pick me up in the morning!

Finally, to the right of the cups I have another package that a set of brushes came in, used as a box to hold my palettes, foundation, beauty blender, sprays, and BB cream. It’s just simple, tidy, and out of the way. I kind of wished all my packages matched, but for now it does the trick!

I hope this little post gave some of you the inspiration to organize your makeup or tidy up your desk! Really, these things can be used to store anything! Let me know what you use to store your makeup products.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of you week! xoxo


2017 Liquid Lipsticks Collection

Hello everyone! I am loving liquid lipsticks at the moment and wanted to share the few products I own!  I would love to expand my collection, so if you have any suggestions or personal favourites please comment them down below!

As I have small lips and fair skin I find it difficult to find the perfect “nude” colour (as there are many out there). However, here are some that are working for me and my skin. Below are the swatches of my liquid lipsticks.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

From left to right is Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick (Cool Girl) , NYX Lingerie (LIPLI08 Bedtime Flirt), and NYX Lingerie (LIPLI07  Satin Ribbon).


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “cool girl”is a beautiful mauve nude. I adore this colour! At first I found it a bit too dark for my skin colour but I matched it with a warm toned eye “look” and it stands out beautifully! The formula just glides on my lips and lasts all day. I tend to grab this colour for a night out rather than an every day colour.


NYX Lingerie in the shade “BedTime Flirt” is a darker pinky nude that really defines my lips. I wear this if i’m running around all day because it’s easy to reapply but fair warning you’ll find yourself reapplying about 2-3 times a day. I do love the shade and it doesn’t transfer as much which I love!!

Last but not least, is the NYX Lingerie “Satin Ribbon” liquid lipstick. I find myself always reaching for this colour if I am I going for a “no makeup- makeup look”. This shade does need a few layers to settle into your lips but other than that it is a gorrggeeous colour!


I would love to get into more soft pinky nudes or maybe even a bold red!! As mentioned earlier, please comment down below if you have any suggestions. Thank you for reading…Byyyyeeee! xoxoxo