Storing my Makeup!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to share with you all how I store my makeup. I don’t want to be spending $25-50 on makeup storage containers with holes to store my individual lipsticks (however, very pretty to look it…it’s a bit expensive). So I put together some things i’ve found or purchased from the Dollar Store to make my desk a little less messy.


I’ll first start with my main makeup products. This includes, the boxed makeup like powders, bronzers, blush, etc., along with the makeup in tubes like, mascaras, liquid lipsticks, concealers, etc. To store these, I just use a stationary container that I got from the Dollar Store. The drawers are kept organized and my desk just looks more clean and put together. On top of the drawers I took apart the clear fold down lid and put my lipsticks, hair clip, hair ties, and eyebrow/eyeliner pencils.


Beside my makeup drawers I have two cups that hold my makeup brushes. The one on the left is actually the packaging from an Indigo candle I purchased. I loved the design and I thought it was too nice to throw away. On the right is a pencil cup from the dollar store. I kind of have them sorted by brand of brush but when i’m in a rush I just throw them in which ever cup. Another alternative to holding your makeup brushes is a nice coffee/tea mug! I used to do this with a LifeIsGood “Smile” mug and it worked perfectly! Also was a cute little pick me up in the morning!

Finally, to the right of the cups I have another package that a set of brushes came in, used as a box to hold my palettes, foundation, beauty blender, sprays, and BB cream. It’s just simple, tidy, and out of the way. I kind of wished all my packages matched, but for now it does the trick!

I hope this little post gave some of you the inspiration to organize your makeup or tidy up your desk! Really, these things can be used to store anything! Let me know what you use to store your makeup products.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of you week! xoxo



Winter SkinCare Routine

The winter is rough…..especially when it comes to my skin. Every winter it seems my skin decides to act differently. Last year I had a lot of blemishes and this year it’s so dry!! For the last few cold months I have been trying out new skin care products. I have finally found a good range to keep up a routine.


I first start by taking off my makeup. I prefer to use makeup remover wipes because I feel i’m not cloggimg_2706ing my pores with the half water/half oil removers (just a personal preference). I use the Kirkland makeup removers and have been using them for a super long time! My roommate in first year got me hooked on these. It’s around $15 and you get 150 wipes! I believe it’s 4 big packs and 2 travel packs of wipes. They are not dry and leave a fresh cooling feel (which i’ve learned doesn’t always happen with other products). After taking off all my makeup, I wet my face with cool water and apply my cleanser. I have been using Spectro Acne Prone Wash. This product is $15-17 which I find expensive for a drugstore cleanser but it works really well! It really gets out the dirt and left over chemicals from my makeup remover. After rinsing it all off with a few splashes of cold water, I pat it down with a dry cloth. It’s important to pat down and not rub so you’re not irritating the skin. After cleaning, I like to take my FirstAidBeauty Facial Radiance Pads and swipe a single pad across my face and down into my neck. It exfoliates and tones my skin.

img_2707Letting those pads settle into my skin, I brush my teeth, floss (okay sometimes I floss), and rinse with mouth wash, I like to add a serum. I use the FirstAidBeauty Facial Repair Hydrating Serum, which oh my goodness is amazing!  It is so hydrating and makes my skin super soft. I just take the smallest amount and wipe it all over my face and neck. Then heading downstairs to either get ready for the day or head to bed I like to spritz Mario Badescu Facial Spray all over my face and then carry on to putting on my Nivea lip balm to moisturize my lips.

This routine has left my skin feeling less dry in these cold wintery months! I absolutely love these products and I hope this little routine blurb helps you in choosing good hydrating products. If you have any products that you incorporate in your routine please let me know in the comments 🙂 Thanks so much for reading….Byyyeeee!! xoxoxo

2017 Liquid Lipsticks Collection

Hello everyone! I am loving liquid lipsticks at the moment and wanted to share the few products I own!  I would love to expand my collection, so if you have any suggestions or personal favourites please comment them down below!

As I have small lips and fair skin I find it difficult to find the perfect “nude” colour (as there are many out there). However, here are some that are working for me and my skin. Below are the swatches of my liquid lipsticks.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

From left to right is Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick (Cool Girl) , NYX Lingerie (LIPLI08 Bedtime Flirt), and NYX Lingerie (LIPLI07  Satin Ribbon).


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “cool girl”is a beautiful mauve nude. I adore this colour! At first I found it a bit too dark for my skin colour but I matched it with a warm toned eye “look” and it stands out beautifully! The formula just glides on my lips and lasts all day. I tend to grab this colour for a night out rather than an every day colour.


NYX Lingerie in the shade “BedTime Flirt” is a darker pinky nude that really defines my lips. I wear this if i’m running around all day because it’s easy to reapply but fair warning you’ll find yourself reapplying about 2-3 times a day. I do love the shade and it doesn’t transfer as much which I love!!

Last but not least, is the NYX Lingerie “Satin Ribbon” liquid lipstick. I find myself always reaching for this colour if I am I going for a “no makeup- makeup look”. This shade does need a few layers to settle into your lips but other than that it is a gorrggeeous colour!


I would love to get into more soft pinky nudes or maybe even a bold red!! As mentioned earlier, please comment down below if you have any suggestions. Thank you for reading…Byyyyeeee! xoxoxo